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Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder/OCPD.

What is OCPD and how it relates to OCD.
  • This is a Personality Disorder.
  • Although some similarities, even just by name, OCPD is not directly linked to having OCD.
  • A small number of those suffering from OCD also have the collection of Personality Traits that make up OCPD.
  • OCPD is characterized by the person being really rigid, inflexible, seeking perfection, a preoccupation with rules, schedules and list and an excessive devotion with work. Although they might actually be successful in their job, they tend to not find pleasure in this.
    The symptoms may cause extreme distress and interfere with the person's occupational and social functioning.

The Difference.
  • Most of this behavior, although found somewhat within OCD too, is not backed up by rituals or obsessions and is rather a personality pattern based upon the above- mentioned characteristics. Those that have both disorders may see a favorable change in their personality once their OCD is successfully treated.

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